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How can I be a model for RazvanPhotography?

We always look for new models, irrespective of age, gender, appearance or professional background. If you are interested in collaborating as a model with us, please contact us and send us two photos of yourself, one that shows your face distinctively, and another one which presents you from head to toe while wearing your favourite clothes. You can also include a link to your own modelling portfolio. The contact message should also include some information about yourself, such as: your current job, your educational background, your hobbies, whether or not you have had any experience in the modelling, photographic or videographic business, whether or not you possess any special abilities in what concerns music, dancing, sports. All this information will enable us to create a photo shooting scenario. After we review the information we have received from you, you will be sent a detailed answer, in your own native language, about the requirements of that particular photo shooting, such as: preparation, clothes, etcetera.

The type of persons we are looking for as models for RazvanPhotography

We need common people of any age, gender and appearance. We aim at photographing people while they are performing normal daily activities such as: working in various workplaces, talking on the telephone, reading, learning, playing, relaxing, doing business, doing sports, etcetera. We are also extremely interested in collaborating with various groups and teams of people. Experienced models are also extremely welcome to contact us, of course.

About the Model Release Contract

The images we produce are used commercially.They are distributed through various photo agencies, using the internet in most cases. They are thus bought by various users that employ them for various purposes. For this to be possible, you need to agree that the said images should be used for the said purpose. This agreement is made formal by signing a Model Release. This document states you agree that the images in which you appear may be used commercially, anywhere in the world.Each agency has its own rules concerning rights and restrictions imposed to clients in order to set precise ways in which these photographs may be used, in order to protect both the model and the photograph from abusive use of any such photos and images.
Email Me to get a sample of our Model Release Form. We urge you to read it carefully before signing it and ask us in advance about any questions you might have concerning its content. Should you have difficulties in understanding the English version, we can provide a version in your own native language. Nevertheless, the final document you will sign has to be in English.

May I see some example of how your images are used?

The answer is affirmative. Following is a link that will connect you to examples of how our photos have been used online or printed in magazines, books and on various objects.

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