The Venetian Mask

Citeste in romana

Close-up image of a colorful Venetian mask.

Close-up image of a colorful Venetian mask.

The 2016 Venice Carnival has ended. For one year we will remember the exuberance and the variety of the masks that color the streets and lagoon channels during the largest Carnival of the world.
Venice is different in the days of the Carnival than in other ordinary days. Despite this, it always has the charm of a unique city. I will certainly continue to explore it because the particular atmosphere created by the channels, old houses, boutiques of masks, gondoliers, gondolas and other type of boats, tourists and a lot of crowding people represent a source of continuous inspiration and joy.
To share my enthusiasm with you, I invite you to get inspired for your next trips by watching the video that Venice inspired me to do or simply by reading my notes after my first visit in the lagoon.

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