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Paraglider flying over the volcanic mountains in the Central Massif, France in a beautiful autumn evening.

Paraglider flying over the volcanic mountains in the Massif Central, France in a beautiful autumn evening.

Most of the times I get my favorites photos in two determined moments of a photographic session. It is either at the beginning when I take the first photos (in the adaptation phase) when I am not yet very well familiarized with the subject and I’m still falling prey to surprise or at the end after I decide to conclude the session and then suddenly I discover a particular detail for which I reorganize my camera and quickly soot what I have lately noticed.
This was also the case with this image which I took on the way back from the Puy du Dome in the French Massif Central. After a whole day of hiking on the mountain’s slopes with a serious photo-video equipment that I had to carry and after hundreds or maybe thousands photos made, I have decided to close my camera and go back to the car. But in a glade I’ve noticed what is shown above, in the image and I definitely had to reopen my camera and immortalize the moment. Those passionate with rules of the photography probably notice that this image does not follow any of the strict, mathematical and artistic rules to frame the main subject into the photo.
There can be no rule-of-thirds or magical proportions created by the gold number as well as any of the ingenious diagonals combinations. Despite this, I believe that the image is significant because it expresses …Freedom…and freedom means to be freely without any rules, schedules or tight deadlines.

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