A Story from the Roads of Le Tour de France

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StoryTDF1. This is why I love photographing the Tour of France…because it inspires anyone that comes in contact with the cycle race (fans or public spectators) to overcome themselves making exercise and being happy.

2. There is a great effervescence before the cyclists show up on the road. There is a really festival for those who love cycling. Inspired by great sportsmen, the majority of amateur cyclists are pushing themselves to get on the highest mountains. Usually, this roads are small, narrow and extremely arid….we all know, the mountain roads. Despite this fact, the magic of The Tour makes them alive when the area is filled up with enthusiastic fans.

One of the most spectacular scene I have encountered on my way to « Col de Paiheres «, at about 2000 meters altitude, was that of a disabled person who was helped to get to the top on the blistering heat. I have photographed him when I climbed, but when the race was over, I met him again. I could notice that he gain a white short with red dots, which means that he was the best climber of the race (the one that got first on the top). This man was really happy. For me, his happiness was something special and that happened only due to the Tour Race along with all its traditions and centenary customs.

If you want to feel the happiness from the roadside of Tour of France I invite you to follow my gallery full of unique photos outside the road.

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