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Citeste in romaneste

pci is one of my projects that I am very fond of. This may be so, because I am very passionate about bicycle riding and of course Le Tour de France.
Having the opportunity of living in France, I have succeeded in close observing, “live” as you might say, this fantastic sports event, that is called Le Tour de France. That is how I got the idea of making a collection of quality images that reflects as well they can the atmosphere of one of the biggest sport event in the world: Le Tour de France. I have set in mind to present the point of view of a spectator that is passionate by this event. Often, in order to explain the specificity of this collection, I like to make a comparison with the famous magazine National Geographic. This one created a “sub-magazine” called National Geographic Traveler, where you can find photos and articles made only by tourists-photographers and not from professional photographers that have access to special and unique situations due to the fact that they are working for National Geographic. Similarly, I want to present a bystander’s point of view and not that of exclusive sports photographer that works on motorcycles and thus capturing other aspects of the Tour.

I have structured this collection in 2 main chapters:

  • Sport images which present as much cyclists as possible (famous or not) in action during The Tour.
  • Images from outside the race that depict the popularity of this race and which highlights several less known aspects of it. This part of the collection contains images during the time of Publicity Caravan, that proceeds every time the passing by of athletes; spectators; scenery; specific objects of the Tour and everything that I find meaningful to understand the positive scale of this great sport event.
  • In addition, this collection also contains images from other important cyclist races. I decided to include these images because practically, a lot of the other races are connected to The Tour. Actually, they are really reasons for preparing the cyclists and the teams to be in tip top shape for the big race.
    Also, I will include specific sub collections for the most remarkable cyclists with notable results or other larger subjects, like for instance specific sceneries in Tour de France, portraits of fans, etc.
    Same as all my projects, is also an ongoing project, without having a finishing date. At the moment, I am at the 5-th consecutive edition of The Great Tour. Each year, small optic modification occurs, new ideas for exploration, new photographing techniques, new athletes, new bicycle technologies and all these factors make this project one of the most dynamic so far.
    Each year, the collection is enriched with cca 1500 superior quality images and other visual materials.
    On the blog that is attached to this site, I will try to describe some miscellaneous aspects in regard to the way I am making this collection, as well as personal remarks upon different aspects of the cyclist world.
    To follow up my new images and my process of acquiring them I invite you to join me on Facebook and to follow me on Twitter.

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