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The Joker

This is the 3,000th image on my website is a new step in the development of my collection of high quality travel photography taken while I was exploring the world.The collection is in fact a selection of the best images in my portfolio that contains more then 10,000 images.

I photographed this image while walking in the colorful and crowded streets of Annecy during the Venetian Festival held yearly there. I met this cheerful and colorful character posing near the urban fountain in the downtown. It was a dark day and the sun and clouds frequently battled for supremacy, alternating periods of very good light with grays and shades. In that place a beam of light sneaks between the clouds exactly over the newly discovered character. I was like in a big studio where I hardly managed to create a selective lighting of my subject. This studio was the street and the light and shadows sources were The Sun and The Clouds. In addition it was the unique reflections in the water of the urban fountain.
I could not miss such a chance, so I started to shoot the clown from the other side of the fountain. After a few shots, the clown noticed me and we started our communication through signs to get the perfect position and make enough frames to avoid the rushed and indifferent crowd passing him, but breaking up the composition that I (we) thought. It took no more than 5 minutes because the clouds and the sun quickly changed their positions and lighting perfection chance disappeared. Clown stood up, I put my lens cap and both by a small tilt of the head, we thanked each other for our collaboration to capture a unique moment. Then we became again two strangers through the town’s celebration.

Thank you for showing interest in my evolution. I am looking forward to receiving your questions, comments and, last but not least, your criticism. If you want to support my effort, don’t forget to like or recommend my Facebook (joyofphoto) page to as many friends as possible.
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