Le Tour de France Action

Le Tour de France Action

Le Pont Landais,France-July 10, 2013: The Yellow Jersey ( Chris Froome, Great Britain) pass through a group of excited spectators in front of the Mont Saint Michel monastery, during the stage 11 of the edition 100 of Le Tour de France 2013, a time trial between Avranches and Mont Saint Michel.

To shoot a time trial stage of “Le Tour de France” is not a very easy task. You have to walk hours to find the right place where the light is good and the composition of the image you want to make looks close to what you have in mind. You will shoot hundreds of images with all the cyclists, under the heat of a torrid summer day. You will compose in your mind the ideal shot with the last participant in the stage which may be the most important image : The Yellow Jersey. Unfortunately when the champion appears the excitement of the audience become extremely important and nobody cares anything else then to shoot,cheer or applause the man of the day. So due to this entropy among the spectators all your previous hours of planning, thinking and dreaming may be totally ruined. But if you are aware how the things will go, you may get an unique image. It was exactly what happened to me. And through the accidentally intrusion of the spectators in my shot I got one of the most compelling image about what is “Le Tour de France”: top athlete in front of excited audience near stunning French landmark( Mont Saint Michel Monastery) with bike and bicycle participating in one of the biggest sport event of the world.
The image went up quickly in the first ten editorial images of the moment, on one of the biggest stock images agency: Shutterstock.

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