Japan – The 2000th Image on www.radurazvan.com

Geisha looking to the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto,Japan.

This is the 2,000th image on my website www.radurazvan.com.It is a new step in the development of my collection of high quality travel photography taken while I was exploring the world.The collection is in fact a selection of the best images in my portfolio that contains more then 10,000 images.

I photographed this image about 7 years ago in Kyoto,the ancient capital of Japan. It is one of the most iconic images produced by me in this country. The image combines the presence of a typical Japanese person, Geisha, with one of the most important architectural landmark of the Japanese civilization, The Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji). This combination creates a specific atmosphere which can be found only there.

Thank you for showing interest in my evolution. I am looking forward to receiving your questions, comments and, last but not least, your criticism. If you want to support my effort, don’t forget to like or recommend my Facebook (joyofphoto) page to as many friends as possible.
And don’t forget that at www.radurazvan.com you can order high quality prints of any of our photos.

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