Paris at Night-Aerial View

Aerial view of the Arch of Triumph area in Paris at night. This very famous monument of Europe is located at an intersection of 12 roads in the big city.

I photographed this image from one of the “tops of the world”- the last floor of the famous Eiffel Tower. It is not an easy task to get sharp images from that place. This is because there is a permanent crowd of visitors in motion. This generates important vibrations which affect your tripod and the camera ready for a long exposure. In such situation the most important tool you need to get the perfect picture is “The Patience”. You need patience to set the proper exposure time correlated with the movements of the visitors and to repeat the same shot many times until you get the best image. Unfortunately the big brands of our time like Canon, Nikon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and not even the ubiquitous Google don’t sell patience. But you need it if you want to produce great images.

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