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This is the 1,000th photo on my website It is the beginning of an attractive collection of high quality travel photography taken while I was exploring the world.The collection is in fact a selection of the best images in my portfolio that contains 10,000 images.

The photo was taken in a Starbucks café in Sendai, Japan, a place where I have often found inspiration for various photographic projects, which you can now check out at I took this photo in 2006, using a Canon camera and one of the simplest lenses, a 50mm f/2.8, the classic lens used by great photographers before the digital era. I didn’t use any additional light sources, but I changed my position a few times before being able to capture the scene as I intended. It is an editorial photo fit for a reporter, as it captures an aspect from daily life, unaltered by any artificial mise-en-scene. This photo is similar to many other photos that can be seen on my site.

Thank you for showing interest in my evolution. I am looking forward to receiving your questions, comments and, last but not least, your criticism. If you want to support my effort, don’t forget to like or recommend my Facebook (joyofphoto) page to as many friends as possible.

And don’t forget that at you can order high quality prints of any of our photos.


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