High Speed Cycling

Citeste in limba romana

The time trial stage between Bonneval and Chartres was the third stage of TDF attended by me this year. The weather was very good with exceptional lighting conditions, a sunny day with few clouds which acted as very useful natural soft-boxes. The stage was close to my living place so I knew the region very well and I found a good place on the route. Using a long or medium zoom lens and sometimes my on-camera flash, I photographed almost all the competitors riding in front of me at a very high-speed. I’ve got many images, some of them with a frozen action, others with a blur effect.
To take this image, I lay down on the ground on the roadside and I photographed the cyclist riding by me at less than two meters at a speed of more than 50-60 Km/h. Using the continuous shooting mode, a flash as a fill light and a short exposure time I could get very good and sharp details on the face of the athlete. In the image is the Kazakh cyclist Fofonov Dmitriy from Astana Pro Team.

You can buy editorial royalty free license for this image on Shutterstock

On my website is a complete gallery with images from various editions of Le Tour de France containing images from the race as well as images outside of the race

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