2012- Projects

This year, those who will be accessing my site and my blog regularly will have the opportunity to see the development of the photographic projects mentioned below, which will fall into two large categories : stock photography and travel photography.

Stock photography:

  • 1. I will do 3-4 commercial photo session with models, in a studio and in various locations. They might be centered around such topics as scientific research and medicine, aspects of city life, sports and nature, business and office life, elderly people. Details about the topics and requests for collaboration with models will be published before each photo session.
  • 2. I will photograph a set of 10-20 conceptual images each month, in the studio, using various objects
  • 3. I will increase the number of editorial images. By the end of this year, I intend to increase this section up to approximately 25% of my stock porfolio.
  • Travel photography:

  • 1.Italy: Venice and the region of the Dolomite Mountains.
  • 2.Spain: Barcelona
  • 3.France-Paris,Chartres,2-3 stages of Tour de France, the Pyrenees, the Alps, and from the Central Massif, aspectes that are specific for the local life style.
  • 4.Romania: Maramures and the Muddy Volcanoes.
  • 5.The Netherlands and Swizerland- visits for documentation and discovery of various places.
  • 6. Publishing travel impressions and details regarding photographic techniques employed during my explorations.
  • I will also continue to develop my general and permanent collections, which I started last year : Medieval Characters, The Crowd, Le Tour de France.

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