Creasta Cocosului (Rooster Comb)

Rooster Comb (Creasta Cocosului) is a residual part of a volcanic crater with andesite structure which has a rooster comb shape.It is located in the Gutai Mountains,Maramures,Romania. You can buy royalty free license for this image on Visit regularly my travel images archive to find my latest images uploaded.

Sunset on the Loire River in France

Beautiful sunset on the Loire River located in the Central France. Along this river is the famous Loire Valley where are some of the most famous castles in the world. Come and follow the development of my collection of images fromLoire Valley.

Scottish Warriors

Two medieval Scottish warriors fighting in front of the audience during the “Week-end de L’ascension-Grand Fête médiévale” in Nogent le Rotrou in France.This was a historical reenactment festival around the Saint Jean Castle. This image is an invitation to browse my interesting collection of Medieval Characters. You can see with … Continue reading

Taiko Show-Action Detail

Dynamic detail during a Japanese drums show.Such drums are called “Taiko’ and they are specific for Japanese folklore. The show is full of energy, rituals, action and sound. I love very much this kind of traditional Japanese street performance. You can discover it if you visit one of the multiple … Continue reading