Dutch Spring landscape

Dutch landscape with the focus on well colored tulips and with specific windmills beyond

Citeste in romana In the Netherlands spring is about plenty of tulips and color. The beauty of the fields can change the gloomy atmosphere of the rainy days which are full of heavy and leaden clouds. You can discover more images from this country by visiting “the Dutch photo gallery” … Continue reading

The Venetian Carnival in Annecy, France

The reflection of a mask into a mirror during the Venetian Carnival in Annecy

Citeste in romana This year the Venetian Carnival in Annecy has reached its 20th edition. Annecy is a city in the French Alps, which used to be an important destination for Italian immigrants. They brought with them, among others also the nostalgia of the great Italian events. Being a city … Continue reading


Paraglider flying over the volcanic mountains in the Massif Central, France in a beautiful autumn evening.

Citeste in romana Most of the times I get my favorites photos in two determined moments of a photographic session. It is either at the beginning when I take the first photos (in the adaptation phase) when I am not yet very well familiarized with the subject and I’m still … Continue reading

Sunset on the Loire River in France

Beautiful sunset on the Loire River located in the Central France. Along this river is the famous Loire Valley where are some of the most famous castles in the world. Come and follow the development of my collection of images fromLoire Valley.

Top 8 RazvanPhotography- after first six months of 2013

The hectic evolution registered during the last few months in systems of stock photo distribution prompted me again to try and make a top of the ones I collaborate with more often. Being active in stock photography since 2003-2004, I can say I have seen or better yet lived the … Continue reading

Venice & Venice Carnival

Today is the real start of 2013 edition of Venice Carnival. To celebrate this I did my first slideshow with travel images: Venice